North Denver Animal Clinic

Born in the stockyards on the National Western Stock Show grounds in the 1960's, North Denver Animal Clinic began its 50 year journey. The clinic was first chartered by Dr. Jerry Bohlender, establishing its North Denver roots in 1967. In 1988, Drs. Mike and Lori Scott graduated from the DVM program at Colorado State University, bought the practice, and began practicing as a husband and wife team. The clinic itself has resided within two blocks of itself, renting space from the Yantorno family until 2007, when it moved onto a piece of their truck farm in a stand alone clinic. Still considered an agriculture support business, North Denver Animal Clinic continues on the Yantorno family tradition of agricultural zoning in such close proximity to the city of Denver.

North Denver Animal Clinic is a mixed animal practice, with Dr. Mike focusing on horses, bison, cattle, and other farm animals, and Dr. Lori focusing more on pet dogs and cats. While Dr. Lori stays on the clinic site and sees her patients there, Dr. Mike sees almost all of his patients by ambulatory route, making farm and ranch calls.

Dr. Mike and Dr. Lori are very involved with the National Western Stock Show, with the 2018 show marking 30 years. They support 4-H and FFA functions in the area, and strongly support youth development in agriculture. Dr. Lori also oversees the drug testing program for the junior livestock market show at NWSS and is a governor- appointed horse racing commissioner for the state of Colorado.

In their spare time, Dr. Mike and Dr. Lori love spending time at home with their herd of animals of a dog, three cats, two horses, a pony, four rabbits, and many assorted chickens and ducks along with their teenage daughter, Katie.